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    Our September cover star, Euphoria's Hunter Schafer, uses watercolors to illustrate her responses to 3 personalized prompts: her favorite beauty product, her solo cross-country road trip, and what makes her feel euphoric. Watch as Hunter narrates the process and her choices for the shapes, lines and colors she chooses from her room.
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    A chance bump in to Zendaya allowed this trans teen to meet her 'Euphoria' role model via FaceTime.
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    A call to action from Hebh Jamal, a Muslim Palestinian-American Youth Activist; Nupol Kiazolu, President of the Youth Coalition for Black Lives Matter, Greater NY; Hunter Schafer, a transgender artist; designer and model; Monica Sibri, co-founder of New York DREAMers, and Jamie Tyberg, a climate activist for New York Communities for Change.