Hunter Schafer Covers the September Issue of Allure Magazine

Hunter Schafer is on the cover of the September issue of Allure Magazine, where she announced her partnership with Shiseido! You can read the full interview in our press library and check out photos in the gallery.

Hunter Schafer recently saw something magnificent.

But first: She bought a truck.

At the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, Schafer found herself alone in Los Angeles. As one of the lucky Americans who could afford the pause in work, she spent those initial weeks in excited, nocturnal bursts of creative writing. (She took Shonda Rhimes’s TV-writing course on Masterclass.) “But I couldn’t handle the severe sense of isolation — being alone in the apartment and having no mode of transportation,” she says. (“Outside of a skateboard,” she adds, like a cool teen.)

So she bought the truck, and then drove across the nation to her sister’s house in North Carolina. “It was probably the most stable I felt throughout all of quarantine,” Schafer says. “I just had one objective, which [was] stay on the road and follow the map and drive. And it was great.”

She drove through Arizona to see the preschool she attended. She stopped in Memphis to visit the Lorraine Motel, the place where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated that has since been converted into the National Civil Rights Museum. But she was in Texas when, on a road that stretched through open country dotted with windmills, she saw it: a very big, bad cloud. It was a fluffy tempest, as vast as a city, crawling across a sea of grass. It was a cumulonimbus cloud. Schafer is sure of it; a cloud cooked by the hot Texas wind into something magnificent, terrifying, and massive, and capable of sneezing out a devastating tornado at random. This is all an extended metaphor to say that Schafer knows what it is like to drive right into the eye of a storm.

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